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Chocolate Party Favors for Theme Bridal Showers

Chocolate is believed to be an aphrodisiac since the time of the Aztecs. Scientists, reinforcing this belief, say that the presence of PEA and other chemicals, such as tryptophan and phenylethylamine, create an aphrodisiac like effect. The former chemical is released in the brain during sexual arousal, while the latter is released when a person falls in love. Therefore, chocolate party favors are ideal for bridal showers. These treats can be customized to complement a number of themes for the bridal shower that both the guests and the bride-to-be would love.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas with Chocolate Party Favors

Here is a list of themes you can experiment with for the bridal shower with chocolate party favors that complement the theme well:

Stock the pantry

Inform the guests about the theme a few weeks before the events, so that they can come up with their classic recipes and some non-perishable convenience food, like frozen chicken, cocoa powder, etc. You can conclude the ceremony by giving away chocolate party favors, customized with kitchen-related clipart printed on the treats. You can also ask the bride-to-be for photographs of her while cooking or in the kitchen and imprint them on the favors.

Home Poker

Surprise the guests and the soon-to-be-married couple with a poker theme bridal shower. Ask the guests to do a little homework on a few simple poker games that you plan to include, such as the 5-card draw. Guests can bring in gifts like ash trays, alcoholic beverages and poker ties for the groom and hand fans for the bride, or even green felt as a common gift. You can give away chocolate party favors that are customized as colorful poker chips. You can even use the edible 섹시카지노 chips to play the games.

Wine tasting shower

For a peaceful evening or a leisurely afternoon, the guests and the bride can be delighted with an extravagant theme. Guests can simply bring in different kinds of cheese, chocolates, their favorite winery, etc. You may extend bottle openers, bottle stoppers and other wine themed favors. Get wine glasses, a wine bottle, or the famous quote by Jonny Depp, ‘Wino Forever’, etched on the chocolate treats.


If you do not want to stick to the classic girly theme parties, then a lingerie-theme bridal shower is can be great fun. Guests can bring in essentials like exotic lingerie, scented candles, chocolate treats, and you can give away red and pink chocolate coins customized with etched hearts, kissing-couples, in-love couples, or pictures of sexy lingerie items.


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